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Women Leadership
Our Four Quad Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students and young working women from tier 3 and 4 cities of India and especially from Uttarakhand who dream about making big in the corporate and emerge as the icons of national leadership. 

To do that, we believe it's paramount to create a committed and genuine community that has a positive influence on people’s lives beyond the online sphere. Join us in shaping a community of women leaders for the industry and the nation. 

To, all the amazing people out there,

We are extremely thankful & overwhelmed after seeing you here. We understand that selecting the right career path is difficult sometimes as we are generally confused between various options. And trust me, it’s not just you… There are many…. But today we are here to provide you with the solution. We just wanted to share that whether it’s a problem of juggling between various career domains or preparing for interviews or creating a strong network or it’s about your career acceleration. We have all answers to your questions. Hence, we have committed ourselves to helping you out. So, just leave all your worries to us and enjoy your sunny bright days with a lemonade!!! Because this time won’t come back!

Would love to talk and discuss this further. So, let’s connect on LinkedIn. Hoping to see you there.


Starting from Career Planning at the school level to training and development for shaping your personality as an all -rounder corporate professional, I'm here to help you and build a community of women leaders. 

Are you ready to...

Speak confidently and make an impact in corporate meetings.

It's not enough to just be technically correct. Your presentation and mannerism of communicating your work without hurting your ego at the workplace is most critical to learn. I am sure you want to do it fast but with grace and dignity.

Grow your job portfolio by upskilling yourself.

In fast - moving HI-tech world, we must keep pace with the times. It is necessary to timely learn new skills, upgrade our technical knowledge as well as undergo professional training. This will help you in sharpening your profile for promotion and career growth.

Get hold of your dream college and jobs.

We often do not realize that professional counseling is much more needed for us than ever before. Today we operate in a global competition space. Mere earning degrees or diplomas won't suffice. We must plan to claim our dream college and job a choice that can be possible only with a disciplined effort under the guidance of a mentor.

Invest in your CV and build yourself as a brand.

The corporate world demands more than the subject knowledge. There is a necessity to invest in right kind of education and most appropriate trainings. With the right approach, you can exponentially grow your bottom line.

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